The Brand Storytelling Brand Film Certification Scholarship Class

Jun 1, 2022 | DE&I, Interviews, Sourced Content

Meet the Brand Storytellers (L to R): Leo Martinez Davis, Adriênne D. Bolden, Arturo Longoria, Faith E. Briggs, and Juliana Penaranda-Loftus

The Brand Storytelling Brand Film Certification Program is proud to host a select group of DE&I scholarship students to participate in each cohort. A minimum of 5 scholarships per cohort have been secured to be given to current and future brand storytellers who are not yet equally represented in marketing, advertising, film, and other related brand storytelling fields. Our goal is to empower underrepresented creatives in an effort to actively change the makeup of who is invited to tell brand stories. This year marked the launch of the program, and we caught up with the first class of scholarship alumni to learn more about their interest in taking the course, valuable lessons learned, and plans to apply those learnings to future storytelling endeavors.

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Article written by Jordan P. Kelley, Content Director, Brand Storytelling.