Project SYNCERE Takes STEM Lab on the Road

Jun 23, 2022 | Sourced Content

Project SYNCERE hits the road this summer, taking its playful engineering-based learning activities (PEBL) to 60 Chicago neighborhoods to engage K-8 students from traditionally underrepresented communities. The organization’s play-based approach is an innovative departure from the way many children are taught STEM in school.

Below is a quote from Adriênne Bolden, CEO of REMARKABLE LEVERAGE and PEBL Fellow at Project SYNCERE:

The freedom to play is essential. The more we play, the more inventive we become, and the more empowered students feel over their learning. Less than 12.5% of engineering bachelor’s degrees are awarded to underrepresented minorities. By offering children hands-on, playful learning opportunities, we are working to change that.”

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Article written by Lynne Ramsey.